Rules & Support Policy
  • mikemike
    November 2011
    These forums are intended to provide assistance to buyers who experience issues, but please keep in mind that themes purchased from ThemeForest are provided “as-is” with no guarantee of support (as stated in ThemeForest terms & conditions: If we determine the issues are caused by user error or are the result of a plugin, we will ask that you retrace your edits or contact the developer of the plugin you’re using.

    If a theme is not working properly or has an issue, start a discussion and we will reply within 24 hours (Some delays on weekends and holidays may occur). Make sure to include details like your website URL and/or screenshots of any problems. This will help us diagnose and assist you more quickly.

    This support forum is strictly for theme support and issues. Any questions regarding custom projects and customizations of themes are not included in our support.

    We are happy to provide quotes for custom development via our contact form on

    Placing Code in the Forum
    To place in code examples use <code></code> tags.
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